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sahil peerzada

sahil peerzada


Sahil Peerzada is a young and dynamic business entrepreneur, who is suave and highly enterprising, extrovert and focused leader with a natural ability for building new business and forging loyalty with governments and external business partners. He is a motivational management style leader with a proven history of building, guiding and retaining high-performance teams to develop and implement strategies for accelerated growth of the company.


Sahil strives to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve service quality while strengthening the bottom-line. He has an excellent knowledge of tapping virgin markets and business ventures and in developing lucrative partnerships, joint ventures and forming global strategic alliances both nationally and internationally.
He is a man with dedicated business acumen and across-the-board expertise of increasing network while leading strategic marketing activities and a man with an amalgamation of farsightedness and corporate realism, and a capability to tie together the passion and competences of individual and identify core issues, and utilize the basic means available to stretch funds and achieve phenomenal growth for the company.


Idea to success

The journey to entrepreneurship is not so easy and not everyone is determined enough to sustain the vigor even in midst of the hurdles that come across. Fear of failure can be one of the most paralysing fears in this regard. It can play a significant role in whether you follow your entrepreneurial dream or not. Of course, fear can be a signal that something isn’t right, but fear can also be a way that self-sabotage keeps us from taking chances.

The exceptional species who possess the grit, find ways to minimize the risks inherent to business ownership, but it just need to be done- no one else will make it happen for you, so take a deep breath and make the leap. Many come and many go but only few sustain and leave the mark, while setting an example for the rest. Having read and heard of several entrepreneurial stories, which have been a source of inspiration for many; I thought of mentioning the name of Sahil, and whose thoughts inspired me a lot.

In a recent interview, Sahil Peerzada said “Have a plan, but be aware of the untapped resources and new ideas swirling all around you. They’re out there, you just have to recognize them and this is exactly what I did. Though, I do believe doing one thing really well can get you further ahead, but with growth perspective in mind you need to keep track of the ideas that strike and decide appropriately which ones to actually work upon”. That’s so true!! What keeps many of us on the backfoot is the failure to hold firm belief on our ideas. Once this is achieved success is not so far that it seems.

Sahil Peerzada is one such entrepreneur who started off from scratch but through sheer determination ventured into real estate and prospered. He believed in his instincts and followed them. The life of an entrepreneur is tough and Peerzada knew this well. Not only did he have to face massive barriers to get into the market, staying ahead of the competition and learning how to meet the growing demands all while on a shoe string budget was the need of the hour that he managed well on his level. The excerpt from Sahil’s interview has expressed “The power of idea”, as an idea can change your destiny.



sahil peerzada

sahil peerzada

Sahil Peerzada
is the Chairman and Managing Director of Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd which is a newly formed company with the principle of providing services in the sector of oil and gas, real estate, land acquisition, infrastructure, banking which helps the companies in expanding their horizons by removing the constrains that limits the growth by breaking through the limitations that restrict the growth.

Introductions are a tricky business. Words have the ability to transform a man’s persona and portray him as a character larger than life, notwithstanding the truth of the matter. But in Sahil Peerzada’s case, the acclamations are a true reflection of this suave and fierce businessman.

Tapping into his immeasurable resources of mental strength, strong will, creative approach and a tendency to never give up, Sahil Peerzada has come a long way. His forays into the real estate sector and oil and gas industry have already put him in the league of top players. His fearless advances have made him an emerging role model and already there are whispers down the corporate corridors that sound more like eulogies.

His innate aptitude for building new ventures and forging loyalty with governments and external business partners has earned him both goodwill and the tag of ‘man with a vision’. He is a motivational management style leader with a proven history of building, guiding and retaining high-performance teams to develop and implement strategies for accelerated growth of the companies that he runs.

Sahil Peerzada understands the importance of astute marketing and the tools involved in its execution – from an updated and informative website to an imaginative logo.

His company, Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd., has designed a new logo that is unique and comprehensible to potential customers. It even tells you about the man himself. The simplest details, from colour combination to font design, reflect the man’s persona and are a peek into his psyche. The use of red signifies Sahil’s enthusiasm and interest, his energy, his ability to act, confidence to go after his dreams and fearlessness. Blue is a representation of his ability to be calm and relaxed in counteracting chaos or agitation, his knack of broadening his perspective and reveals his inspirational side, sincerity and spirituality.

The cursive flow of the font tells us his innate ability to surge ahead in life.

Going into the unknown–and that is exactly what Sahil Peerzada did when he plunged into his business venture–is by definition scary. That fact may be the biggest reason so many do not start anything new. The fear of the unknown keeps them from beginning. Sahil’s endeavour revolved around conquering it and not allowing it to take control of his mind and spirit. Bold decisions, dogged perseverance and a fierce attitude proved too good a rival for fear… Unlike many start-ups, Sahil Peerzada’s business did not vanish without trace. It did not crash and burn.

He says, “People often paint a “death or glory” image for the entrepreneurial approach to life … let’s jump off this cliff and see if we can put the hang glider together before we hit the bottom. Why? I believe it is just a question of understanding the risks and planning for them. And keeping a strong head doesn’t hurt.”

Sahil Peerzada’s
advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet deep. “Starting a business is not a twofold affair. You don’t have one shot at it. Remember, when Thomas Alva Edison was asked about the multiple failures in his quest to make a light bulb, he answered something like “I have not failed 700 times. I have found 700 different ways not to make a light bulb.”